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      Hello and welcome to the new traffic Zhengzhou automobile spring Limited official website!
      Zhengzhou New Traffic Vehicle Spring Co
      Zhengzhou New Traffic Vehicle Spring Co., Ltd. is a member unit of China Automobile Industry Association Suspension Spring Committee. It is a professional auto spring company integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It is also the larges...【detailed】
      On the morning of May 8, Zhengzhou New Traffic Automobile Spring Co., Ltd. organized a "Quality / Safety Management Month" staff summary mee...[detailed]
      Zhengzhou new traffic automobile spring Limited
      Tel: 0371-60217027 6021702 660217025
      Contact: 13608690313 (Liu) 13938421078 (Mr. Hsu)
      Address: Zhengzhou Zhongmou Auto Industrial Park (Zhongmou Jianshe Road intersection northbound and Wan Hung Road)
      Sweep the Open Mobile Site
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